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Chiba tofu powder

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Chiba tofu powder

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Chiba tofu powder

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Chiba tofu powder: mixes oil and water, then cut. The operation is easy and convenient. In addition to soy flour and starch, theadditive TG enzyme can instead of gypsum, brine to let the product gel, finalize the design, improve the taste. No any chemicaladditives.
Using method: mixes 1 kg of Chiba tofu powder +5-6 kgs of ice water + 0.5 kgs of salad oil, then cut with chopper machinein a high speed (6000 RPM) 10 minutes, then put the milky white slurry into a mold which is 4 cm thick, then put the mold intorefrigerator which is set up 4-12"C, then places 12 hours, then can be edible by cooking.
Packing: in paper bag of 20kgs net each, with external kraft paper bag and separate inner polythene liner.
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