Soybeans+bananas, can you lose weight? Do you believe it?



We all know that the nutritional content of soy products is low, and it is suitable for people with diabetic people. It is also because it contains the amount of sugar to consume more fat in the body to achieve a slimming effect. At the same time, I will introduce the knowledge of banana for weight loss because the banana contains calories, so it is called fruit weight loss. At the same time, bananas can also help toxins in the body.

Soybean weight loss principle

In the plant -rich plant -rich plant, the shrinkic acid can reduce serum cholesterol and speed up the burning of fat. In addition, soy lecithin is a catalyst produced by good cholesterol in the body.

There are many types of soy milk. It is made purely soybean and water without adjusting soy milk; soy milk and soy milk sold on the market add sugar, called adjusting soy milk; and the kind of flavors such as sesame, matcha tea, etc. It belongs to soy milk beverages; there is also a soy milk product for health products.

And we make this banana soy milk drink, which requires soybean milk with a high concentration of soybeans. Generally, it is used without adjusting soy milk or adjusting soymilk. If there is conditions, it is the healthiest for no added soy milk squeezed by soybean to soybean!

Banana slimming knowledge

Sweet bananas may be considered a high -calorie food. Because the sugar contained in bananas is a composite of glucose, fructose, sucrose, etc., the glucose is transformed into energy after being absorbed in the body, and the fructose and sucrose are slowly converted into energy, which lasts for a long time. But in fact, the calories contained in each banana are only 86, which is quite low. As a low -calorie food and a full -sense banana, it can also help the exhaustion of toxins in the body, so Xiaobian suggested that the food of bananas should not be too much. If you consume it, there will be no accumulation!

Each banana contains calories (86kcal), which is equivalent to half -tea bowl (202kcal), 1/3 of 75 grams of cream cake (255kcal), and half pieces of plant avocado (174kcal). Therefore, as long as you insist on exercising, you won't get fat when you eat bananas!

Banana soy milk weight loss method thinning principle

Banana soy milk drinks are in line with three essentials of modern women's weight loss: reduced, full -scale, and balanced nutrition. Make your body's metabolism accelerate, burn fat at the same time, and improve your obesity and edema. And the taste is pleasant, not only do you like your body, you will fall in love with your mouth!

Banana soy milk weight loss method production

Materials: 100 ml of soy milk, one banana.

The concentration of soymilk is depends on the size of bananas. The larger the size of bananas, and the concentration of soy milk required should be increased. In addition, soy milk can be dependent on personal preferences, and 150-200 ml of soy milk is easier to accept after making.

   Production Method:

1. Peel the banana and cut it. Each piece is about 3 cm, which will be easier to shatter.

2. Add soy milk and bananas to the mixer.

3. After covering the lid, stir for about 30 seconds, make the soy milk and banana stir up, and the liquid will slowly sticky.

4. After stirring, pour it in the cup and complete it

Banana soy milk weight loss method drinking essentials:

1. 1-2 cups daily, 1 cup of calories is 150 calories.

2. The best time to drink is 30 minutes before dinner, so that the amount of dinner can be reduced. If you do n’t have breakfast habits, drink a cup as breakfast, and perform appropriate exercise before noon, you can consume the energy transformed by fructose. In addition, it is also good as a snack!

3. At the same time, it is necessary to supplement the absorption of other nutrients! Banana soy milk can increase satiety and reduce the amount of meals, but the reduction of the amount of rice itself can easily lead to constipation. Therefore, dinner must eat more high -fiber vegetables, mushrooms, etc., as well as vitamin H lack of banana soy milk, such as shellfish and shiitake mushrooms.

4. After the banana peels, it will quickly acidify and turn into a tea color, and the nutrients will be lost immediately. Therefore, it must be made during freshness. It is best to drink it immediately after making. If you ca n’t drink it, you can store it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

5. To prevent the banana soy milk from changing color, you can add lemon juice before stirring, and the weight is a small cup. In this way, you can also remove the bean taste of soy milk. At the same time, you can add vitamin C. The sour is sweet and delicious!

6. People who are allergic to soybeans, diabetes, and kidney problems should be consumed under the guidance of a doctor.

Banana soy milk drinks meet the requirements of modern women to lose weight and have received the favor of the majority of weight loss enthusiasts. Now this plan is widely used. The effect is also obvious. At the same time, it can also ensure that the body needs. At the same time, it is also necessary to cooperate with high -fiber vegetables, mushrooms, etc., as well as vitamins lack of banana soy milk. This combination is very scientific and reasonable.