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Analysis of soybean products

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Analysis of soybean products

With the increasing emphasis on health and the gradual understanding of soybean nutrition, tofu in the people's food consumption remained stable and slightly increased. China's large-scale enterprises R & D and deep processing capacity continues to increase, the new product categories continue to enrich the value-added products are also upgrading, and no longer limited to the production of a single species of tofu. National tofu production enterprises are widely distributed, the development of the south tofu enterprises is better than the north. In the past, the production and consumption of soy milk has been hovering at a low level, and in recent years, consumer confidence in dairy products, consumer confidence index, the development of milk to bring space and business opportunities. In particular, people continue to understand the nutritional value of soybean food, making the soybean industry market prospects are very optimistic. Now China's soybean milk products more and more rich taste, new products, new packaging after another, many soybean milk manufacturers have increased the product development and market development, for the milk, the "taste" and "nutrition" to become its The core of the demands.
In recent years, leisure tofu products and the concept of gradually forming shape, greatly broadening the scope of the market tofu, dried tofu production in China has been significantly improved. Leisure tofu has become China's soybean food industry, one of the good momentum of development of products. China's soybean brand enterprises in the top 50 among them to leisure tofu-based enterprises accounted for nearly one-third.
Yuba is rich in nutrients and unique taste, such products have long been loved by the people. At present the yuba industry mainly in the form of regional development. Yuba products are soy products in the dry products, because of its easy to transport and save, so sales radius, is conducive to the formation of a national brand, and even exports. Therefore, the future of industrial production of yuba, targeted selection of appropriate soybean varieties, breeding, planting, development of special soybean is important yuba. In addition, the new product development and market development is also the product industry needs to break through the two major bottlenecks.
To expand the soy products as raw materials, soybean meat for the product concept of new products in recent years continue to introduce new, is becoming a new market hot spots. In some areas, puffed soy products has become a local advantage of the industry, for the expansion of soybeans production of soybean use of about 350,000 tons.