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As the first responsible person to ensure food safety, food producers and operators should engage in production and management activities in accordance with laws, regulations and food safety standards in food business, be responsible to the society and the public, ensure food safety, accept social supervision, and assume social responsibility. At the same time, food production and operation enterprises should establish and improve their food safety management system, strengthen training on food safety for employees, and provide full-time or part-time food safety management personnel to do a good job in the inspection of food operations in production and operation. Operating activities.
Practitioner health check system
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The food business practitioners shall conduct health checks every year, and obtain health certificates before they can engage in food business. The inspection items and other matters shall comply with the regulations of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government. Those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases such as dysentery, injury, viral hepatitis A, hepatitis E virus, and diseases that are harmful to food safety such as active tuberculosis, suppurative or exudative skin diseases shall not engage in contact. Practitioners of work diseases that directly import food.
Food production and management personnel shall maintain personal hygiene. When producing and operating food, they should wash their hands and wear clean work clothes. When selling unpackaged direct food, they should use non-toxic and clean tools for sale.