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DEZHOU RUIKANG BIO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is looking for the following positions:

1. Production management cadres 5 genders are not limited Age: 40 years old or below; Education: College or above

Major: Biotechnology, Food Engineering related professions Salary: Negotiable

2. maintenance workers 5 males Age: 40 years or less Education: Any

Professional requirements: skilled operation of electric welding or argon arc welding. Salary: Negotiable

3. electrician 5 male age: 40 years or less Education: no limit

Electrician certificate is preferred, salary is negotiable

4. quality control personnel 3 genders are not limited to age 35 years old; education: college education

Major: Food, Bioengineering, Biotechnology related majors, Salary: Negotiable

5. the artist 1 gender is not limited to age, education: college education

Design experience is preferred, salary is negotiable